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Best Music Education YouTube Channels to Supercharge Your Skills

Feeling stuck in a musical rut? You’re not alone. But don’t worry, with the best music education YouTube channels, you can transform your practice sessions and supercharge your skills.


5 Best Music Education YouTube Channels: Stop Struggling & Master Any Instrument – FREE!

This guide highlights the best music education YouTube channels to supercharge your skills. Packed with free lessons, insightful breakdowns, and expert tips, these channels cater to musicians of all levels, from aspiring beginners to seasoned players looking to refine their craft.

A haven for guitarists of all levels, Marty Music offers a vast library of lessons created by the charismatic Marty Music himself. He breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces, making them perfect for beginners tackling their first chords or seasoned players seeking to refine their technique. Marty Music is a true gem among the best music education YouTube channels.

Buckle up for a deep dive into the fascinating world of music with Rick Beato!  A music producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Rick brings his vast knowledge of music theory and history to the table. His channel explores the stories behind popular music, analyzes iconic songs, and sheds light on the creative choices that make them stand out. Rick Beato’s engaging presentations and insightful breakdowns make music theory not only accessible but also entertaining, solidifying his place as one of the best music education YouTube channels.

(formerly Song Exploder)  If you’re looking for a unique approach to music education, look no further than ANDREW HUANG. Through in-depth interviews with artists and deconstructions of their hit songs, ANDREW HUANG provides a window into the minds of musical geniuses, inspiring viewers to tap into their own creativity. It’s a refreshing addition to the landscape of best music education YouTube channels.

For those seeking a structured approach to music theory, ear training, and composition, 12tone is a fantastic resource. This channel provides clear explanations, practical exercises, and a well-organized curriculum, making it a top contender among the best music education YouTube channels for musicians who want to develop a solid foundation in musical concepts.

Learn the internationally recognized curriculum of Berklee College of Music by subscribing to the Berklee Online YouTube channel. A preview of their online courses can be found on this channel, which covers a wide range of subjects in-depth, including career development, music video production, and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) skills and vocal performance. Berklee Online provides a professional and well-rounded approach to music education, making it a valuable resource for musicians of all levels seeking to enhance their skills and explore various aspects of the music industry. With its focus on not just playing but also the business side of music, Berklee Online positions itself as one of the best music education YouTube channels for aspiring musicians looking to turn their passion into a career.

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Best Music Education YouTube Channels Reddit

Looking to elevate your musical skills but Reddit seems overwhelming? Fear not!  Reddit is a treasure trove of music education resources, with communities dedicated to specific instruments, music theory, and uncovering hidden gems on YouTube.  By searching subreddits like r/musictheory or r/LearnMusic, you can tap into discussions about the best music education YouTube channels, finding recommendations based on user experiences and specific learning goals.  This approach can help you discover fantastic channels that might not have millions of subscribers but offer exceptional content tailored to your needs. So, dive into the world of Reddit music education communities and unearth the perfect YouTube channel to supercharge your musical journey!


Unleash Your Musical Potential: Best music education YouTube channels free

Learning music doesn’t have to break the bank! YouTube boasts a fantastic selection of free music education channels, catering to a wide range of instruments, skill levels, and musical interests. From in-depth theory breakdowns on channels like 12tone to practical playing tips from guitar maestro Marty Music, you’ll find a wealth of high-quality content to fuel your musical journey.  Many channels also offer structured playlists and progressive learning paths, making it easy to track your progress. So, grab your instrument, explore these fantastic free resources, and get ready to unlock your musical potential!

Best YouTube Channels for Songwriting

Looking to craft catchy melodies and pen powerful lyrics?  YouTube offers a haven for aspiring songwriters. Channels like “How To Write Songs” by Keppie Coutts and Ben Romalis, industry veterans with decades of experience, provide practical songwriting tips, in-depth breakdowns of famous songs, and exercises to spark your creativity. Additionally, channels like “Songwriter’s Channel” by Dave Conservantine delve into the music industry, offering insights on navigating the songwriting world and achieving success. With a plethora of free resources and expert guidance, YouTube can be your go-to platform for honing your songwriting skills and taking your music to the next level.

Craft Your Sonic Masterpiece: Best YouTube Channels for Music Production

YouTube offers a wealth of resources for aspiring music producers. Channels like “Andrew Huang” (formerly Song Exploder) deconstruct hit songs, revealing the production techniques used by industry professionals. For in-depth software tutorials and reviews, “You Suck at Producing” and “The Producer School” provide valuable insights into popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Additionally, channels like “SeamlessR” delve into sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques, giving you the tools to shape your music and achieve professional-sounding results. With this diverse range of free resources available, YouTube can be your launchpad for exploring the exciting world of music production.

Conclusion: The Power of Music Education at Your Fingertips

The world of music is vast and ever-evolving, but with the right guidance, you can navigate your musical journey with confidence. The best music education YouTube channels we’ve explored provide a wealth of knowledge, from fundamental music theory and practical playing techniques to insightful artist interviews and industry insights. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned musician looking to refine your skills, there’s a channel out there waiting to ignite your passion and propel you forward.

So, fire up your device, explore these fantastic resources, and remember – the most important ingredient is your dedication and love for music.



Who is the best music teacher on YouTube?

Consider your instrument and skill level:  Are you a beginner guitarist or an advanced pianist? Channels like Marty Music (guitar) or 12tone (music theory) cater to specific instruments and skill levels.

Which is the best educational channel on YouTube?

Think about your learning style: Do you prefer clear, step-by-step lessons, in-depth theory breakdowns, or artist interviews for inspiration? Channels like Rick Beato offer insightful music theory analysis, while ANDREW HUANG provides glimpses into the creative process of musical giants.

Which is the best YouTube channel for music?

NPR Music – Known for its Tiny Desk Concerts featuring a wide range of artists from various genres.

Pitchfork – Offers music reviews, interviews, and live performances.

Colors – Known for its minimalist aesthetic and intimate live performances.


How can I learn music at home?


Best Music Education YouTube Channels: This guide highlights some popular and highly-rated channels, each offering a unique approach to music education.

Focus on your goals:  Are you aiming to learn a specific song, improve your music theory knowledge, or develop improvisation skills? Tailoring your search based on your goals will help you find relevant channels.


No matter your musical aspirations, YouTube offers a treasure trove of free and paid resources to fuel your learning journey. So, grab your instrument, embrace exploration, and have fun making music!

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