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Master the Market: Best Financial News YouTube channels

CNBC Television (Best Financial News YouTube Channels)

With a colossal subscriber base, CNBC Television is undeniably among the best financial news YouTube channels. Renowned for its real-time market coverage, economic insights, and business news, CNBC is a vital resource for staying informed on global financial events. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice, this channel provides valuable content for all, making it one of the top financial YouTube channels. As a leader in financial journalism, CNBC Television also stands out as one of the best financial news YouTube channels free for those seeking quality financial education.

Andrei Jikh: (Top Financial YouTube Channels)

Boasting more than two million subscribers, Andrei Jikh is a go-to source for comprehensive financial news and analysis. Specializing in investing, economics, and business news, this channel caters to a diverse audience, making it one of the best YouTube channels for finance students. With a focus on delivering expert insights, it has earned its place among the top financial YouTube channels. Whether you’re interested in market trends or personal finance, Andrei Jikh provides an invaluable resource for anyone seeking financial literacy.

The Financial Diet: (Financial Education YouTube Channels)

The Financial Diet stands out as one of the best financial news YouTube channels for its unique approach to financial education. With a million-strong subscriber base, this channel covers a broad spectrum of personal finance topics, making it one of the best beginner finance YouTube channels. For those looking for practical advice on budgeting, saving, and investing, The Financial Diet is a key player in the realm of personal finance YouTube channels. Its engaging content and relatable style also make it a notable YouTube finance influencer.

Ryan Scribner: (Investing YouTube Channels)

Ryan Scribner has emerged as a powerhouse in the world of investing YouTube channels. Specializing in investing and personal finance, rayan’s channel caters to viewers of all expertise levels. Regarded as one of the best financial YouTube channels Reddit users follow, Ryan Scribner  offers insights into real estate, stock market strategies, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, this channel is a valuable resource for those seeking finance YouTube channel ideas.

The Motley Fool: (Business News YouTube Channels)

The Motley Fool is a renowned name in financial news and investment advice. Specializing in stock market updates, business news, and investment strategies, it’s one of the best stock market YouTube channels. As a comprehensive resource for financial education, The Motley Fool is among the best finance channels on TV and provides actionable insights for viewers at all levels of expertise. Whether you’re interested in market trends or seeking financial literacy, The Motley Fool is a go-to destination among business news YouTube channels.

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 Beyond Wall Street: Top Finance Shows You Actually Want to Watch

Here are some of the best finance channels on TV, depending on your specific interests:

For a mix of news, analysis, and interviews:

CNBC: A classic choice for business and finance news, CNBC offers live updates, breaking news, and in-depth analysis from a team of experts. They also feature a variety of programs on different investing topics, making it a great option for viewers of all levels.

Bloomberg: Another strong contender, Bloomberg provides global business and financial news, as well as insightful interviews with industry leaders. Their focus on international markets can be especially valuable for investors looking for a broader perspective.

For in-depth market analysis:

Fox Business: Known for its strong opinions and market commentary, Fox Business can be a great source for active traders and investors looking for sharp insights and potential trading ideas.

Yahoo Finance: While primarily an online platform, Yahoo Finance also airs a TV show that offers market updates, stock analysis, and interviews with financial experts. It’s a good option for those who want a quick and informative overview of the markets.

 For personal finance and investing:

PBS NewsHour: This well-respected news program often features segments on personal finance and investing, providing viewers with unbiased and informative content.

The Suze Orman Show: Hosted by financial guru Suze Orman, this show offers practical advice and guidance on a variety of personal finance topics, from budgeting and debt management to retirement planning and investing.

For a more entertainment-focused approach:

Shark Tank: While not strictly a finance show, Shark Tank offers valuable insights into entrepreneurship, business valuation, and negotiation. Watching entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of potential investors can be both entertaining and educational.

Fast Money: This CNBC show features lively debates and discussions on current market trends and investment opportunities, making it an engaging option for viewers who enjoy a fast-paced and opinionated format.

Ultimately, the best finance channel for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider what type of information you’re looking for, your level of experience, and your preferred viewing style when making your decision.

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Here are the channels with links.



 Top Personal Finance YouTube Channels and influencers:



  • The Financial Diet: Relatable advice on budgeting & saving.
  • Money Mustache: Frugal living & early retirement tips.
  • NerdWallet: Clear explanations of various finance topics.


  • The Plain Bagel: Actionable advice for young adults.
  • Investing with Rose: In-depth research & clear explanations.
  • Ben Felix: Data-driven & educational investing content.

Debt Management:

  • Debt Free Millennials: Personal experiences & actionable tips.
  • Andrea Owen: Empowering you to achieve financial freedom.
  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling: Reliable info & resources.

Specific Audiences:

  • Her First $100K: Empowering women financially.
  • ChooseFI: Millennial strategies for financial independence.

Remember: Choose channels that match your goals & learning style!

Unique Finance YouTube Channel Ideas:

Catchy & Playful:

  • Cents & Sensibility
  • Budget Bosses
  • Coin Curious
  • Millennial Millionaire Maker
  • The Debt Slayers
  • Wallet Warriors
  • Investing in Idiots (playful, not meant to be offensive)
  • Penny Pinching Party
  • Frugal Foxes
  • Financial Fitness Fanatics

Descriptive & Intriguing:

  • Unraveling The Balance Sheet
  • The Financial Compass
  • Wealth Architects Club
  • Market Mavens
  • The Equity Equation
  • Decrypting Dollars
  • The Future of Finance
  • Beyond The Buzzwords
  • Your Money Mantra
  • The Financially Free

Witty & Punny:

  • Doughnut Worry, Be Finicky
  • Investing 10 Cents at a Time
  • Broke No More (if applicable)
  • The Penny Pinchers’ Paradise
  • Money Talks with [Your Name]
  • The Financially Fabulous
  • Wall Street Whispers
  • The Retirement Rhapsody
  • Debt-Be-Gone
  • The Frugal Phoenix


  • Check for name availability on YouTube and social media.
  • Keep it short, memorable, and easy to pronounce.
  • Reflect on your content and target audience.
  • Consider using keywords for discoverability.

Bonus: Use a name generator like Namelix or LeanDomainSearch for more ideas!


Finance YouTube Fire: Top Channels Reddit Recommends

Reddit recommends a diverse range of YouTube channels to dive into the world of finance, depending on your interests. For investing, consider Graham Stephan’s “The Plain Bagel” for young adults, Rose’s in-depth analysis in “Investing with Rose”, or Ben Felix’s data-driven approach. In the personal finance arena, The Financial Diet’s Chelsea Fagan offers relatable advice, Mr. Money Mustache guides early retirement, and Andrea Owen empowers debt-free journeys. Economics enthusiasts can explore Ha Joon Chang’s “Economics Explained,” Crash Course’s accessible lessons, or Stephanie Kelton’s global insights in “The Big Picture.” Real estate investors can benefit from BiggerPockets’ resources, Kevin Paffrath’s “Meet Kevin” for buying and renting, and Graham Stephan’s insights for first-time homeowners. Remember, research and individual circumstances are key before making any financial decisions. Happy learning!


In the digital age, YouTube has become a go-to platform for accessing financial news and insights. The best financial news YouTube channels mentioned above provide a diverse range of content, catering to investors at various expertise levels. Whether you’re looking for real-time market updates, expert analyses, or practical financial advice, these channels offer valuable resources for staying informed and making well-informed investment decisions.


Who is the best financial YouTuber?

The title of the best financial YouTuber is subjective and varies based on personal preferences. Popular choices include Graham Stephan, Andrei Jikh, and Meet Kevin.

What is the best channel for finance news?

CNBC Television is widely regarded as one of the best channels for finance news on YouTube, providing real-time coverage, expert analysis, and in-depth reporting on global financial markets.


Which news channel is best in YouTube?

CNBC Television is often considered the best news channel on YouTube for financial content, offering a diverse range of news coverage, interviews, and market insights.

Which is the best YouTube channel to learn financial modeling?

For learning financial modeling on YouTube, the channel “Wall Street Prep” is highly recommended. It provides comprehensive tutorials and courses on financial modeling, catering to both beginners and advanced learners.


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